Thought I would make a quick thread on here for Blizzard related book suggestions. On vacation I grabbed my copies (which might actually be Taka's copies) of The War of The Ancients Series by Richard Knaak. I grabbed them for 2 is we would be spending a ton of relaxing time in places with no/crappy internet. And two, is that with Legion coming I figured this would be an excellent lead in.

Yay, good decision! These books give a great background on pretty much all of the overall major story arcs that have happened in the Warcraft lore. They are still my favorite out of the Blizzard books I have read.

Anyways I thought it would be good to start a thread on the lore books people like and maybe a brief description. Personally, I found that after I knew more about the lore, I cared more about what story lines play out in game. So post similar to what I do below, because I would like to hear suggestions on new reads.

War of the Ancients Trilogy by Richard Knaak - 2005 available for $24
1. The Well of Eternity
2. The Demon Soul
3. The Sundering

(Average length per book is about the same as a Kull post...minus the diagrams, so I know you guys can handle them)

Covers the first coming of the Burning Legion, Neltharion's (Deathwing) corruption, Illidan's corruption. Introduces all of the Dragon Aspects, Korialstrasz (Krasus), Rhonin, Broxigar (YAY), Tyrande, Malfurion, Illidan, Cenarius, Aszhara, Sargeras, Mannoroth and many more. It has a time travel element that was handled well in my opinion. I know that turns some people off, but it worked in this instance...especially where Krasus is concerned.