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    Default Legendary rings weakaura AND macro

    This is the legendary ring weak aura I ended up using:

    OmniCC Users: OmniCC puts a numeric timer on icon weakauras that have the "Cooldown" box checked (in the Display tab), and these weakauras by default have that checked as well as a separate weakaura that shows a numeric duration. Thus, this weakaura will have two "buff duration" numbers unless you do one of the following:

    1. Under "DPS Ring", "Tank Ring", and "Healer Ring" Weakauras, uncheck the "Cooldown" box in the very upper left of the "Display" Tab.

    2. Delete the "DPS Ring Duration", "Healer Ring Duration", and "Tank Ring Duration" weakauras.

    Also, I will be adding the following line to my "pop all offensive CDs" macro:

    /use [nogroup:raid] 11
    This will use your ring if you are ungrouped or if your are in a regular 5 man party, but it will not use your ring in a raid setting. I think this is ideal for a ranged player like myself who will commonly be more than 20 yards away from the boss. This also assumes that your legendary ring is in the top slot. If your ring is in the bottom ring slot on your character window, replace the 11 with a 12.

    If you want some flexibility for sometimes using the ring in a raid but usually not, you can use this macro:

    /use [nogroup:raid][mod] 11
    This will work the same as above (will use the ring when solo or in a party, and will not use the ring when in a raid), except it will use the legendary ring in a raid group if you have a modifier key held down such as alt or control. You can further specify which modifier key will activate the ring in a raid if you wish by changing the [mod] conditional to [mod:alt] or [mod:control] or [mod:shift]
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