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Thread: Hellfire Citadel Notepod

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    Kull, your ability to organize information into graphs and charts is making me moist.

    In reference to your chart, the reason I had significantly more damage on the hulking terrors than the other shamans (and probably ranged) is not because of chain lightning cleave or whatnot. We were struggling early on with some interrupts so I made it a point of priority to keep a close eye on them. For sure it resulted in me having them targeted more often than perhaps all the other ranged, but I also managed 39 interrupts over 18 attempts. Was it the right call for me to do so overall? Perhaps not, but my brain said it was what was needed at the time. This is also why I volunteered to be the ranged in melee that one time you asked. Windshear is no joke, and I can probably get every other interrupt. Point of this paragraph is to show that it didn't even cross my mind that what I was doing would be considered padding or whatever, my line of thinking was that my interrupts would help with "encounter success potential". It doesn't mean I was right, but that was my line of thinking at the time. Consider how much DPS I lost out of 39 total GCDs, plus interrupted spellcasts... oh no my numbers!!1

    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    I thought I explained my position well enough during raid when I brought it up and we were in agreement, but it seems not. To be clear, I totally understand that some specs like Elemental Shaman have the ability to boost their priority target damage by attacking other things. And if that is necessary to be more effective, my all means I'm for it.
    I brought that up as a point of reference, not as a point of retrospective contention. It was one of the few times I talked in mumble (I don't like talking over people) outside of laughter, and I wanted draw attention to it here as a point of how ass backwards some shaman skills can be. How is it possible that hitting the non-priority targets with a cleave spell can increase your immediate priority target damage? Shaman reasons, thnx Ion (inb4 shamtears) Obviously, if the blood hits, it's game over. Whether or not I was right or wrong in my execution, my goal was still to kill the blood before it hit in the most effective way I thought possible.

    I agreed with you 100% then, and i'll agree with you 100% the next time you do it. Ultimately, everyone has an "excuse" when they get Kulldamned. Keep on doing it, it obviously keeps us focused and on track!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fendo View Post
    Was it the right call for me to do so overall? Perhaps not, but my brain said it was what was needed at the time.
    Absolutely. Obviously I wasn't there, but if it helped stabilize the fight and pushed you guys further in future attempts, it seems like the right call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klik View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    The damage over all attempts supports this: Of the top five ranged target damagers, (4) were among the Inner Eye groups, with Shaylana squeaking into 4th place at 2.7m above Klik.
    As a quick point of clarification, when looking at this graph, note we did not have a single attempt last night (nor are we likely to ever have, due to our current level of dps) where I was able to take advantage of being an "inner eye" ranged dps. We did have attempts where my team went inside, and therefore stopped doing damage to the adds outside, but we were always wiping by the time we came out.
    All that and this is your takeaway from my post? Ugh...

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    This is jumping the gun a lot but Nagura posted method's guide for progressing on M Archimonde P1 and P2. LOTS of good tips in there, especially stuff like when to potion/lust during progress vs. actual kill attempts, and specifically what objectives need to be accomplished (push to phase 2 before doom fire #4 etc.). Also of note here are links to their weak auras as well as the link to their custom bigwigs:

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    I'm hesitant to suggest any changes to Gorefiend strategy considering we have 11 pulls on a boss that may take close to a 100. But I was thinking of a few things and searching the net on the fight and thought I would throw some things against the wall.

    - A few posts I saw suggested sending a boomkin down with the first group (our warriors and hunter) . This would allow a blow up of the adds down there and give us ~45 seconds of relative calm upstairs. And they would allow Rhokk to not be picked for the rest of the fight which should help our add dps upstairs.

    -one strategy suggested sending resto druid down first so they could use tree of life and really help out at start. The argument was tree wasn't as powerful during phase 2 as other healer CD's.

    -melee helping with adds? I know the warrior are killing clones but shouldn't the rest of melee be helping on adds? Sorry if that's what happened and I just missed it. Forgot to check logs on that today and I'm at dinner with work peeps.

    -Perhaps the boomkins can unglyph starfall? It will only hit mobs with dots so it could help our add dps.

    -Perhaps have a spot for ranged dps and assign a mage or shaman to dpsing them? Would free up a warrior and their execute may help a lot on the little adds along with their mobility.

    All I got for now. Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by bolda View Post
    I'm hesitant to suggest any changes to Gorefiend strategy considering we have 11 pulls on a boss that may take close to a 100

    this fight will take nearly 200~, 100 pulls where maybe the first 100 world guilds. just so we are being realistic.
    I like a lot of ideas In this forum so far for Gorefiend! but the I think the reality of this boss, after killing it with Shad two weeks ago, is that everyone has to be on the balls of there feet, especially early in progression. that means getting Slows specced in, and using them on constructs, it means swapping to adds outside, at all times, even if you lose casts on the boss that where 80% finished. and it means making sure dooms are dropped spread out. if everyone does that, that's the biggest thing. during progression the pulls will look sloppy, until all of a sudden enough people are doing the right thing that those constructs aren't running wild. even if a healer lets 1 add slip by, there is enough dps sitting around not hitting constructs that they can kill it within one volley. when it comes to strats, any number of styles will work, but those are the biggest things I've learned. your dps doesn't matter on the boss outside of feast. if adds die properly, even if people just spam one button on boss when there's no adds up, he WILL die.

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    The only thing I was wondering... it seems people are getting sent downstairs via normal mechanics in groups of 3. They all have 30 seconds on their timers, right? maybe we should have those three stack so they can be aoe'd out? I think right now we have healers going to green and dps to red. Maybe if we stacked them it would be easier to manage the timers.

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    We're not working on Iskar yet, but I found out priests can guise chakrum, that way we could guise sawbladdes on siegecrafter, which means, if a priest is targetted with Fel Chakrum, we can prevent the mechanic from happening (he still casts it, but no chakrum goes out)

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    Reading through the Gorefiend-related info on H2P, I came across someone who strongly suggested having everyone available in the raid switch (likely a bunch of ppl with an instant) to and burn the spirit that needs to die (and should already be low). Kull mentioned a lot of groups using only two people on the assigned team and, if everyone available is switching when it's time to make the final break for someone (@ X seconds until death), it sounds possible that two people bladestorming their brains out (probably Neph and one of the warriors or whatever, but I certainly love being able to SWP the mobs) would be enough to get them sufficiently low.

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    Gorefiend hotfix coming down the pipes.

    Digest/Resisting time increased from 30s to 35s. 5 More seconds to do your things.

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