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Thread: Blackrock Foundry Notepod

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikrum View Post
    So I've done some info finding and it seems I can completely negate sending a healer up with the smash team by topping people off pre smash with my CoW (the ability I use to void out the dmg to Blynks on Maidens). Now that is quite a bit of casting so it will limit my bubbles, but obviously having a healer getting to stay down the entire phase would outweigh a few bubbles.

    The trade off is not as much healing from Prayer of Mending from the talent I normally take in place of CoW, Words of Mending which managed to heal for a decent amount across last nights attempts.

    That healing amount isn't setting the world on fire but it's not negligible either I don't think.
    If we'll lose your shields and find we REALLY need them, I could go Disc for this fight (just need some healer trinkets). I doubt we'd need that, but it's an option.

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    Quick note for Mythic: Blackhand:

    ATTENTION @Blynks

    So it turns out Warlocks can utilize their Demonic Circle teleport to independently get onto the balcony at any time once the initial setup has been performed properly, allowing a single Warlock to solo the East balcony without the need of sending up another DPS or a healer.

    The trick seems to be creating the portal on the very outside edge of the balcony while up top, effectively so it "hangs over" and can be teleported to from down below. So the order of events for Phase 2 Warlock are:

    1. While falling from Phase 1, Leap to the East balcony.
    2. Demo Form and Shadowfury > burn the entire add set.
    3. Move toward the edge (ideally with walk turned on/run turned off) and take slow angular steps along the edge, pushing out slightly further each time.
    4. Once out far enough, Demonic Circle can be dropped and the Warlock can drop down.
    5. Then watch timers closely and teleport back up before East adds spawn, repeating Step 2 each time of stunning/burning them all down before jumping off as normal.
    6. Since Demonic Circle lasts 6 minutes, getting it properly placed after the initial transition means it will last the entire duration of the phase.

    In the event that a mistake is made and the Demonic Circle isn't properly placed after the transition fall and the Warlock falls off accidentally, it is probably advisable to send a single healer along with the Warlock up to the East side during Smash #2 to prepare for the next East side spawn set. After that second set is killed, place the Demonic Circle as intended and proceed with solo method from there.

    More information can be found in this thread or by watching this video example starting around 2:20:

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    Dear warlocks, you special little snowflakes, stop being such an OP FTM all the tims.


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