Hello there!

This is Steenkiee from Apex Saga. We switched to 25man for SOO and our loot system needed some help. Your kAuction was a perfect match for how we already did officer loot manually; just a little more streamlined. I am having an issue where periodically my loot council reverts back to your members. It does not delete my members, it just re-adds your members to my loot council! It appears random, and I don't think it is going to prevent the add-on from serving us well. I tried several searches before registering and posting. If there is a previous post answering this please forgive me and point me in the right direction. The community appreciates everything you've done for raiding.


P.S. You might remember an amazing warlock back during AQ days who did a short stint with your crew!!!!! It was a pleasant surprise to return to Hyjal to find Vox had not only risen to a top contender, but also was cranking out quality videos! I always said you guys would do it!