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    Here's the resources I've found so far to help out with Transmogrification. -- Post any others you know of! - In game addon for trying on each piece of gear, scrollable, configurable, and AMAZING. -- in many ways this is better than modelviewer as it only shows one of each item, (no duplicate colors) is sortable by color (mostly), can show you many items at once, and is probably the only resource that doesn't taunt you with gear that you can't obtain. It's not very good for viewing "full sets" though... More for finding that belt you need to match everything else. - Modelviwer is neither an addon, nor a webpage, but an useful piece of software which allows you to try gear on anything... as well as view animations, models for mobs and bosses and spells and objects in the world, and... yeah... just about everything but the maps (there's a program for that too) -- Use this before your race change, or make a new character. Every time IMO. - Certainly the BEST resource out there for "at a glance" information on amazing looking sets. Giving you everything you need to know about that set, on the set's page. - Bit more here than on RPgear but less "at a glance" requiring you to click each item for drop info/etc. (more hits is more moneys, sadface)
    it's definitely worth noting that ALL of wowhead now has the ability to "sort by dominant color" (taken from mogit apparently) -- which is still far from perfect, but can DEFINITELY HELP in finding that one thing you need a bit faster. - Has nice graphics for many weapons and shields, showing all the weapons of that type by expac/rarity at once.
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