I always prepot but missed a couple the other night because some of the countdowns were wonky. I'm not sure when I should be using my second potion, as I generally save it for the phase 2 burn. I don't know how feasible that is with the 16%/11%/6% heroic strategy though.

I had a target macro malfunction on the first couple heroic attempts on Sunday, and after that experimented on how to deal with blood AOE, so my damage wasn't the best. Most guilds do not even compare to our AOE burst, which means I have to change my tactics a bit. I found that before I got even halfway through my AOE "rotation", everything was dead.

My single target could be tad higher, because I'm still lacking my 4pc bonus. I have the LFR helm, my problem is the chest and pants. I can't actually use the balance tier chest, and would be picking up the restoration one because it's my best in slot (which is why I would be passing until others get it first). So my 4pc pretty much hinges on the pants token at this point, which is balls. My spreadsheet shows a ~726 DPS increase with the 4pc, which isn't SUPER important. Obviously, it should be used elsewhere if someone else still needs it.