Hello everyone,

Name is Shodz from a guild called Game Øver, We are a ten man guild like yourselves and have been around for awhile, I am trying to work out how to improve on our roster size which is fare enough to my raiders but still allows for continual progression, We are sporting a roster of 11 atm being 3 tanks which we switch atm on a per boss basis as to who needs gear or experience on that fight etc.

What does Vox use for its roster ?
How do you rotate raiders in and out (per boss basis, weekly switching etc) ?
How do you treat rotations with 'Farm' content VS 'Progression' content ?

Any comments would be appreciated, We are a progression guild first, social guild second, I just cant for the life of me find a decent solution during progression content (thinking of 4.2) when we are going to be wanting to run our strongest raid line up.

Kind Regards