Normally I wouldn't post about another addon, but since I've brought it up a few times and finally found a solution, I thought a few others might want access to something similar, so here you go.

The addon

What this does

Allows you to quickly reforge items automatically without needing to manually click through. If you want to quickly switch, you can save "profiles" of reforge instructions (in a text document, not in the addon itself) and thus allow you to fully reforge all your gear within a few seconds.

How it works

  • As indicated by the addon author, this was originally setup for Rogues, but now has support for all classes through
  • Thus, to create a reforge import string, go to and open your profile (for Kulldon:
  • Modify your reforges as you see fit (I won't explain everything about the site, but left-click a particular stat in the table to move the reforge reduction or addition, depending on the stat choice).
  • Once you're satisfied with all reforgings, click "Summary" at the bottom, and copy and paste that list of text, which should look something like the following.

Head : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Neck : HitRating -> DodgeRating
Shoulders : HasteRating -> DodgeRating
Back : MasteryRating -> DodgeRating
Chest : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Wrists : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Hands : MasteryRating -> DodgeRating
Waist : MasteryRating -> DodgeRating
Legs : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Feet : HasteRating -> DodgeRating
Ring1 : HasteRating -> DodgeRating
Ring2 : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Trinket1 : HitRating -> DodgeRating
Trinket2 : MasteryRating -> DodgeRating
WeaponMainHand : CritRating -> DodgeRating
Range : HasteRating -> DodgeRating
  • Inside the game, visit the Reforge master and select "Reforge an item" to bring up the reforge menu.
  • Open Reforgerade with: /rfa
  • Paste the copied string from's Summary into the Reforgerade window and click Compare to make sure it parses it correctly. (You should see a number of output lines in chat indicating which items it will reforge and how).
  • Finally, click "Reforge It" to begin the process. It should only take 10-15 seconds.


One key factor is that the import string from has specific instructions for each slot, rather than just general stat rules. Therefore, if you change a piece of equipment, it's probably very wise to update your character info on wowreforge from the Armory and create a new export string.