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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenochrom View Post
    thanks for your great guide.
    I'm a german restoration druid from the guild set sail for fail and i have a question about weakauras custom triggers.
    Sorry for my bad english .

    As a restoration druid i use regrowth to trigger the nature's grace buff (
    This buff has a 1 minute cooldown.

    Is there a chance to setup a trigger in weakauras which shows me a icon when the cooldown from nature's grace is ready (1 minute after i had the nature's grace buff)?

    Thanks for your help.

    Good news, I think I figured out how to do this. Also, with the latest versions of WeakAuras, importing it should be very easy just using the Import String option, which is awesome!

    Anyway, I have two different "sets" of triggers for Nature's Grace. The first one does what you requested: Displays an icon (the Nature's Grace icon by default) when Nature's Grace is off cooldown and ready to be displayed. I also set it to default of playing a Sonar "ping" sound (one I personally use for various alerts) and it will only Load when Druid Resto spec, so obviously change those settings as you see fit. See the below screenshot for an example (just as you would imagine, a simple icon).


    Nature's Grace Ready Icon

    Import String

    The other set I made was for my own personal use, and basically shows a cooldown timer+icon for Nature's Grace so I can know when it will be coming up again (great for planning for burst healing timings and all that). Therefore, this one is sort of the opposite of the above, and as soon as you gain Nature's Grace, this display will appear with the NG icon and display a 60 second countdown until it expires, at which point you can gain NG again; during testing the timer was extremely accurate so that's good as well.

    Below is a screenshot of this display in action, and as mentioned it shows the NG icon and the aforementioned cooldown timer. As with the other set, this one defaults to Resto Druid Load only.


    Nature's Grace Cooldown Icon & Timer

    Import String

    Regardless of which you choose to utilize, an important note: One section of the code uses plain text, which of course for me is written in English for the EN game client. If you use the DE client or otherwise, you may need to edit one line in one trigger where I must use the actual spell name, but I'm sure you'll be able to tell if necessary. To check if it looks accurate for your client, go to:

    1. Open the Nature's Grace Group or Nature's Grace Coolup Group (depending which set you're using)
    2. Open the NG Cooldown or NGC Cooldown
    3. Under Trigger > Custom Trigger find the line that reads:
        local id = select(11, UnitAura("player", "Nature's Grace", nil, "PLAYER|HELPFUL"))
    4. Edit these text values to match your appropriate client language/localization if necessary.
    5. Click "Accept" to save the changes.
    6. There are no other lines of code that use text strings that might be localized differently, so that should be everything.

    If you have any further questions or issues with these, don't hesitate, and glad you asked, as it forced me to solve this for myself as well, which is nice!
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