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Is there a simple way to have a weakaura check if nobody in a party or raid has a buff? Back when I was doing CMs, I made a weakaura to track Beacon of Insight to make sure it was up at all times with triggers specifically naming the 5 people in the group, but that's less viable in a raid setting or if you're in pug groups with constantly shifting rosters.
As mentioned before to several other people before the great uipocalypse of 2015 I used to have auras that would track how many members of our raid were missing specific buffs, AP etc. I've tried to remake it but it will not function properly. Unless i'm high as a kite this SHOULD work

ap check

its function is simply "If horn of winter or battle shout can't be found on 100% of the group, display aura". In its current state if I am in a group i just get the icon on my screen no matter what. My old aura also showed a number (stacks) in the bottom right showing the number of people not affected. While %s is set in the display options it doesn't show a number in practice either but that could simply be a product of the aura not functioning properly anyway.