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    Quote Originally Posted by Kulldam View Post
    Alright I think I see what you're asking for, and this is the modified versions I came up with:


    Hope that helps you out, lemme know if you have any questions.
    Dude, you're amazing lol. You went way beyond what I even was hoping you might come up with and it's perfect. This guy is the man!

    edit: One thing after playing with it.. I love the different bar colors red/yellow/green etc and I'd like for it to only show the percentage. So in display, I checked the "timer" box to show the numerical percentage in the right hand part of the bars. But the problem is, it only shows the number of the percentage. Hate to nitpick but how do I get a "%" after the number? Looking through the coding is a bit beyond me but is there anything I can change real quick to display the number%?
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