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    Default kAuction 2.0 Major Revision Released



    What's New

    • Improved User Experience -- Many changes were made to assist the overall user experience, including additional and streamlined tips, attachable popups, removal of hard to use drop-down menus, and general transition to graphical representations instead of text readouts.
    • Major Performance Improvements -- The overall memory usage of kAuction has been reduced by approximately 70%, and most users will find kAuction's stable memory usage at 1 - 1.2 megs.
    • Wishlist Database Removed -- An incredible memory hog and feature that was not very widely used in practice, as it could not compete with more immediate solutions found online, the Wishlist Database/Search features have been removed. Manual Wishlist additions still exist and should remain fairly bug-free for this release.
    • New Bid Popout Menu -- A major downfall of kAuction in the past has been the lack of incentive for a user to indicate their current item when bidding on an auction. A new Bid Popout menu has been added to greatly encourage users to indicate the proper currently equipped item in a user-friendly interface.

    TO-DO List

    Considering there are bound to be bugs and this is a Beta release at best, there are a few known issues and things to fix for the next major update:
    • Further optimize client/server communication -- There are still known instances where User actions (entering a Bid, Voting on an Auction, etc.) will appear to have no affect immediately, and while performance should be improved over the previous version, it is still far from flawless. Best bet: Treat actions like bidding or voting as if they were an online credit card confirmation, and only click once and wait patiently. The UI should update momentarily to reflect the change.
    • Disenchantment Icon showing for auction with assigned winner -- In rare cases, the UI will display the Disenchant icon where an actual winner is announced, which can be confusing. Enchanter(s) in the raid should check the auction (by clicking to view any bids or in the chat output) to verify if a winner was announced for that auction. If all else fails, hang onto potential DE items until the end of the raid before actually disenchanting.
    • Current Item Popout Config unimplemented -- The next major update should include configuration options for the popout, including filtering of items, item-types, and item level ranges displayed in the popout menu.

    Any questions are welcome as always and I'll be sure to talk to people online and during the raid to explain to everyone in a bit of a walkthrough how to navigate/use this newer version.
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