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    Cross Guild Chat (CGC) is a fairly basic addon that allows two or more Guilds to form a "chat link", allowing all guild chat communications within a Guild to be sent and viewed by another Guild and vice versa. CGC also allows viewing of Cross-Guild Rosters to see players that are online in different Guilds with have an established link.

    Setup & Usage

    Simply install CGC like any other addon and once in the game, open up the CGC window (it is a secondary tab on the normal Guild window, or you can type /cgc to access it as well).

    With the CGC Control Panel open, click "Connect" at the top and watch the progress bar as a connection is established.

    Once connected, any Guild Chat communication you send will be seen by members of the other Guild who also have CGC installed and vice versa.

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    For those getting "Enter Password" issue:

    Kaizak discovered the simple solution; simply click OK on the password request box without entering anything, and all should work as normal.

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