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Thread: General Strict 10 questions.

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    Default General Strict 10 questions.

    Hey everyone, I've been looking through the forums you have here and I have to say I'm quite impressed. Very clean and well thought out strategies. However my question is probably so simple it's quite trivial to all of you.

    I'm in the process of forming a strict ten guild and a couple things I thought of weren't really mentioned in detail at Guild Ox from what I read. Here's what I gathered from the read:

    - Ten man raiding only through TotGC and ICC.
    - Item max level of 264 with heroic tag or crafted ICC gear.
    - One Ilvl 277 that being the Ashen reputation ring.
    - Onyxia, Malygos, Sarth 25 are accepted raids without a red flag.

    I may be wrong on any of these points and I hope you will correct me if needed. Also I apologize if this is stated in a faq somewhere else on the forums or another main forum that all strict ten guilds refer to. I decided to cut the head off the beast and look to the best in the world for answers so I hope you can spare some time.

    Things I'm not sure on are some of the 25 man achievements some of your members have. I was under the impression that if you had ANY ICC 25 stuff on your toon that your guild would be red flagged on Guild OX. I've seen a couple members of your guild have a Marrowgar achieve and I was wondering about that.

    Also just to make sure, ANY 25 man content before ICC and excluding TotGC 25 is allowed?

    I appreciate any help in advance. I'm working on putting together application restrictions and the like and looking to a big brother type of guild for useful advice.

    Thanks again,

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    You are allowed to wear any gear you can obtain via crafting, raiding or quests. Gear is not a limiter though it is the reason for the below:

    -You are not allowed to run ICC25, ICCH25 or TotGC25.
    -All other raids are open and available such as VoA25, ToC25, Sarth25, EoE25, Ulduar25 etc etc..

    GuildOx Strict rules:


    "What is the 10-man 'strict' criteria?

    Guilds will be excluded when they earn any Icecrown Citadel (ICC) 25 normal kills or any TotGC 25 hard-mode kills. Guilds must also have their 10M Progress World Rank be better than (lower than) their 25M Progress World Rank.

    We have added a special trigger for the ICC 25 normal kills that will exclude a guild from strict rankings when 8 players achieve it over time. For example, if your guild pugs ICC 25 normal then you will be excluded from the strict rankings when a total of 8 players in your guild participate in the Lord Marrowgar 25 normal kill. Please ensure you discourage your guild members from participating in any ICC 25 normal and TotGC 25 hard-mode runs if you wish to remain on the strict rankings. Also be sure minimize the recruitment of players that have previously achieved these kills since they will contribute to the guild total, regardless of when they achieved it. VoA 25 and Onyxia 25 are exempt from the criteria and can be run without risking your 10m strict rankings.

    Special tip: If you wish to remain on the 10-man strict list over the long term then be sure to have your guild stay within the criteria - we are unable to remove earned achievements once they are in the GuildOx database. Also note that the criteria will change as new content is released. The best approach to future-proof your strict ranking is to advise your guild members not to run any 25-man content that features higher iLevel gear when compared to the current 10-man normal content. We reserve the right to tighten the criteria at any time if we judge that guilds are 'gaming' the strict rankings."


    It is not that you 'cannot' run them, but you must have a limited number of guildmates with Kills and a limited number of simultaineous kills.

    GuildOx rules on this are in place to allow for some guild turn over and stay strict. People come and people go. It would be difficult in the extreme to find anyone who has 'never' killed Lord Marrowgar 25man as an example.

    I would suggest finding us on GuildOx and then click on "Check 10m Strict" (its below the rankings when looking at a specifc guild).
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    Guild Ox is exactly how I found you. I just wanted to hammer out any other things that were maybe implied but not really expressed. After I posted I did remember about the 8 guild members required 25 man marrowgar trigger that they noted. I'm a bit late in the 10 man strict raid world since all I've really ever concentrated on is 25 man drama. Always liked ten man stuff more which is why I wanted the skinny on how everything ran.

    I appreciate the fast response though. Keep up the good work in the future!

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