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Thread: OFFICIAL: Guildmates and Friends - Alt Raiding

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    Default OFFICIAL: Guildmates and Friends - Alt Raiding

    It has come time for us to think about a REAL quality Alternate Character Raid Night.

    Now we realize not everyone can participate and we are sorry about that, but we need information now in order to move this forward.

    First of all for many of us 3 nights a week of raiding is plenty, but for some of us we would like more thus this call for an Alt Raid Team.

    In order to make this happen we need 4 things from you:

    #1: What days can you raid? Obviously we will not be Alt Raiding on Wednesdays, Sundays or Mondays, but all other days are open. Please be certain of your day. We will rely on you as we do in our main raid.

    #2: What Class, Spec and Role do you plan on wishing to play?

    #3: What is your Off Spec?

    #4: Are you geared in at least full ilevel 232+ in both specs?

    Once we have our list of days, classes and specs we will then decide the day and who is playing what role.

    Do keep in mind we dont want class stacking unless it is beneficial to the raid. An example is we would not like 2 Mages, but 2 Druids would be good. So if you KNOW someone else is going to play a class that doesnt stack well and you have another alt perhaps think about playing it instead.


    I will play whatever is needed pretty much. Any day is good for me though Friday does seem to be a good night to do it.

    Fohx/Paladin/Tank or (preferred)Kulldon/Druid/Healing/Balance
    Any day, but likes Friday

    (preferred)Kilwenn/DK/Frost/DPS or Borascibus/Rogue/Combat
    Any day is good for him.
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    I'd be game for something more to do outside of raid nights.

    Most any day works for me, though I'd vote Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday personally.

    I imagine I'll end up tanking on Paladin, though I'd probably prefer healing on Druid if possible for a change of pace. Both are decently geared.

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    #1: I am available pretty much any day. Just let me know what day works best.

    #2: Death Knight - Frost Tank/DPS(Blood typically but looking to try Unholy or DW Frost) or Rogue - DPS(Combat/Mutilate)

    #3: DK - I will make whatever spec is needed less my Off Spec. Rogue - Mutilate

    #4: DK - Yes. Rogue - Yes, but mostly PVP gear. I am working on that and should have him geared soon.

    Lastly, my druid is almost 80. I have enjoyed playing him again. Feral is main spec and Off Spec is Resto. I would be interested in tanking or healing(although I need advice on healing from our uber druids). Obviously it will take me a week or so to gear him up once I hit 80.

    I will play the class we need the most as I enjoy each one.

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    1) Tues/Thurs/Sat

    2) Shaman (Enh DPS/Resto), and Paladin(Holy/Ret)

    3) Resto for Shaman, Ret for Paladin.

    4) Main spec almost fully geared in 5-man bis, offspec not quite.

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    Any day...

    Hunter/Rogue... both 4.5k gear scores..

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    Because of my work schedule, the only days I can guarantee I'll be on at a decent hour to raid are our main raid days. Unless this changes I'm not a reliable alt raider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fideslol View Post
    Because of my work schedule, the only days I can guarantee I'll be on at a decent hour to raid are our main raid days. Unless this changes I'm not a reliable alt raider.

    I know Katheon puts on some raids with his alsts and I would live to get in on them when possible. Additionally, I am still interested in an alt raid day.

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    Among the friends I can get probably 3-4 to join a late night Alt/Main raid. (Start time 7-7:30PM Server).

    Bondok - Hunter
    -Primarily Marksman w/ TrueShot Aura
    -Currently Survival for raid replenishment.
    Can play any of the 3 specs but MM is the higher in DPS w/ the right raid synergy. (i.e. mana regen & armored penetration debuffs)

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    As Bondok stated, I am probably one of the friends he talking about. Can raid any day of the week from 6-9pm server.
    Koma - Warrior
    Main Spec - Fury
    Off Spec - Arms

    Also have a DK (Kogah)
    Main Spec - Unholy
    Off Spec - Frost DW Tank

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