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    Default kTraitor Release [r1]

    I wrote an addon to help us with the Traitor King achievement. It's very basic, so I'll quickly outline what it does:

    • Tracks what zone player is in and remains disabled until zoning into or logging in within Trial of the Crusader 10-man Normal.
    • /ktraitor ui opens the options menu, which has two basic options. Enabled simply enables or disables kTraitor from parsing your events. While doing this achievement, everyone should have Enabled checked.
    • Enabling the mod will track every MOUSEOVER event and TARGET_CHANGED event you perform while in ToC. kTraitor will then check for a valid mob (Swarm Scarab) type and if a match, will get the unique GUID and Threat information for that mob.
    • This information is then passed to the kTraitor server (similar to kAuction, one player is the 'Server', everyone else is a 'Client', to better track incoming data). The server checks if this is a new mob (i.e. a unique GUID) and if so, sends that data to all clients. It also will send out information about target changes (Scarabs attacking a new person) and total threat values (how much threat each scarab has on each raid member).
    • The second option is Show Scarab Tracking Frame. Enabling this will show a very basic tracking frame for use during the encounter. This displays 3 rows of information: Player Name, Scarab Count (the total number of Scarabs agroed on/attacking that player), and Total Threat (the total threat that player has on all Scarabs combined). There is a row for each raid member, plus a TOTALS row for quickly glancing at how many unique Scarabs are active.
    • Clicking the Column Headers allows sorting of the data within the table, but common use will likely be to see who has agro on how many Scarabs and who has very little Scarabs on them, and thus can stop for a bit/help kill Burrower/etc.
    • This window cannot be resized, but holding ALT and dragging allows you to move it. I suggest if you want to use it, uncheck the Show until we're ready then check the options box to display the window.
    • If you do not want the window showing, keep it unchecked and leave kTraitor Enabled. This will help transfer Scarab data to the rest of the raid without displaying it to you.

    As always, I tried testing this, but it could fail miserably so please report any bugs or issues to me here or in-game.

    Also, this mod is only as accurate as our interactions, so if a scarab changes target but no player mousesover/targets, we won't know that change has occurred. Nothing to be done, but this will at least give us a bit more info than we had before.

    Download URL:

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    Default kTraitor [r2] Released

    • UPDATED: Server DataUpdates now pass the entire active mob table rather than performing single updates for every updated mob. This should reduce kTraitor's network usage slightly and more accurately sync all user's Scarab table displays.
    • FIXED: Wiping/death should now properly destroy the current Scarab data from previous attempts, even if existing DataUpdate communications are still in the process queue.

    After our experiences with kTraitor [r1] during our last Traitor attempts, I made a few changes this release that should hopefully resolve a few issues we had and be more accurate from attempt to attempt.

    Please download in preparation for Wednesday's raid. If anyone is able to download this today I could use some assistance testing the changes tonight as I'm currently unable to run two WoW sessions for self-testing.

    Download URL:

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