There are three methods to update your kAuction_ItemData.lua file, which updates the Mob, Zone, and Difficulty data found when searching in the kAuction Wishlist.

Method 1 - Generated File

You will find a new header link on the kAuction.web site titled Export ItemData.lua. Visiting that link ( will auto-generate a new kAuction_ItemData.lua file from the current data found on the database and prompt you to save the file.

To update your kAuction addon data for in-game use, simply save the kAuction_ItemData.lua file in your World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/kAuction folder. Overwrite the file and /reloadui your UI in-game to force the data to update.

Method 2 - Copy/Paste

Every 24 hours when kAuction.web parses Wowhead, it also creates the latest copy of the kAuction_ItemData.lua file. You can manually open your local kAuction_ItemData.lua file (World of Warcraft/Interface/Addons/kAuction/kAuction_ItemData.lua) and copy/paste the new data, save the file, and reload your UI in-game.

You can find the latest generated .lua file at the following url:

Method 3 - Weekly kAuction Release

I am working on figuring out how to automatically force an SVN update every 24 hours to go to the Curseforge repository, which would update the kAuction_ItemData.lua and upload a new kAuction build to the normal Curse/Curseforge servers.

However, until I get that automated, I am planning to upload a new kAuction build every week or so with the latest ItemData.lua included.