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    I've been doing the Icecrown dailies for some gold and wanted to speed things up so I put together this little Plugin for Zygor's Guide Viewer that that will guide someone through all the daily, solo Icecrown quests. It's step by step and is nearly fully automated so anyone who does these quests for cash frequently may want to install this.

    To install, unzip the two folders ZygorGuidesKullDailies and ZygorGuidesViewer into Addons folder just like any other addon, and make sure both are enabled. If you had Zygor installed previously, overwrite the old folder with the new ZygorGuidesViewer files because there are a few minor changes I had to make. Also make sure ZygorGuidesHorde is disabled or there may be issues with the KullDailies plugin.

    Once in-game, type /zygor show to open the main window. If everything works, you'll have Icecrown Dailies at the top. I suggest running in minimized mode (hit the arrow at the top right). Make sure you're on Step 1 and go to Icecrown and off you go.
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