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Some people have a great sense of Humor

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In reading over some things for Resto Shaman, it looks like they decreased the 30% chance that using a "healing surge" with Tidal Waves would cause a Crit. But a perk reverts it back to 30%. Seriss on MMO-Champ made me laugh with her comment:

Yep, take it away first only to have something that you can give back and call it a perk. WTF? Why are you making an ability worse than it was for 10 levels (2 days of leveling at most plus the time from pre-patch to release) to bring it back to normal after that time frame again? That's not a perk. That's giving me back the toy that you took from me for a short while because I was a bad girl that didn't want to share her candy with the silly kid of your visitor, mummy!
Right on, Sister! Right on!
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  1. Klik's Avatar
    She did an excellent job comically expressing my feelings about the new perk system (and the new stat attunments). These things get balanced in, so what's the point? It's 100% unnecessary complexity that someone in Blizzard seems to think has psychological benefits. To that person, I say "mommy, don't take away my toys just to give them back tomorrow"


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