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It was a good day.

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My typical Wednesday ends with a Skype conversation with my former Raid buddy KB. (She's Canadian, so take that!) When she told me about all the stuff going on with her life and the state of her raiding, she asked me how my day went. Well, today was just one of those really good days.

11am woke up, showered, and ate some Indian food while cataloging some video clips for a project I was asked to help out on. From there I played some Hearthstone (got two rank ups with a Rogue deck I've been using), and then realized that I needed to run errands.

Target... got some printer ink, some cleaning supplies, and stopped at the Best Buy next door to recycle old batteries. Stopped at the grocery store for some basics. The leeks, the leeks! They called to me.

Got home, put stuff away, and then decided to write the outline for the first session I'm about to run tomorrow. I decided to run some Vampire: the Masquerade for some folks who have only ever D&D'd. I've been concocting the plots for several weeks now, and have gone through enough character sheets to run out of ink. Should be interesting, but at least I have all the stuff I need to be ready.

While I was doing that, I just had the BG queue open to do some conquest point gathering. Actually did a little RBGs. Watched another 10 man Siegecrafter video, played a little more hearthstone to finish the daily quest, and then it was raid time.

We got through Thok! Woot! I love it when we do that in a night. Realized that I need to watch on Shamans when Toxic Storm is on the hill... the graphic doesn't show up on the top of the hill. Died stupidly to that. But that trinket finally dropped so I no longer need to roll on any boss except Siegecrafter. So there's that.

Enjoyed, and was slightly embarrassed by, all the Magic the Gathering talk. You see, I was living at home and left college when Magic came out. I was using a good number of paychecks buying those silly cards while still living with my parents. Eventually I saved up some money and wanted to move out. Two of the guys that were members of the LARP I was running asked if I wanted to move in with them. So I dumped out 5G of Magic Cards, and that got me running on the road to independence. It was nice to geek out a little.

After that, I decided to make potato leek soup. It's a pretty simple recipe once I learned why my potatoes kept disintegrating in soup. (I used starchy instead of waxy potatoes.) But with vegetable stock, some garlic, celery seed, and leeks, watery mashed potatoes becomes a nice potato leek soup. It's yummy, and there's plenty left over for the vamp session tomorrow.

Then KB called. We chatted. I finished my game of hearthstone and then starting playing Rogue Legacy while we chatted. Hit the right chest and ended a run with 2 boss kills and 60K gold to spend at my manor. Soon... Soon I will have it all maxed!! As it turns out, it looks like KB is finally finding her groove with the new raid group. I miss her, but I'm happy she's finally getting to progress on the tier again.

So yeah, it's a day worth writing about. I decided to heat up some milk and then make a hot chocolate with the Giardelli cocoa powder I have. A little reading, and then off to bed to end a very nice day.
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  1. Citruss's Avatar
    Good days are the best days! I'm glad I got to be part of some of it.


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