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A 3.5 Solid State Drive for $99?

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I'm thinking this may be a good deal... but I have to figure out if it really is.
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  1. Dougall's Avatar
    what you linked was a hybrid drive, correct? I'm not sure if I, personally, trust that just yet. The whole purpose of ssd is to separate storage from OS/boot. Since it's much faster on a stand alone drive. Also, fairly new technology...I usually like to see how things go for a few months before considering investing in something like this product. Outside of that, it is pretty cost efficient. Buying a 128 gb ssd and 2 tb hdd would still run around 160-200 bucks. But on the other hand I just don't know if I trust what it is for that price.
  2. Kulldam's Avatar
    Hybrid drives, at least this particular example, are really just a cash grab to take advantage of the marketed speed that SSDs bring without offering the proper performance an actual SSD would provide. As you're probably aware, the basic technology behind a hybrid/SSHD is that it's primarily a regular HDD with a tiny addition of SSD memory tacked on. The drive then "auto-detects" which files you use frequently and transfers them to the SSD portion of the drive to deliver faster speeds.

    Good in theory, but in practice what you really get is a substandard SSD experience with a tacked on, normal HDD. For example, this particular linked drive has an SSD component with a mere 8GB of storage:

    Quote Originally Posted by Amazon
    The Seagate Desktop SSHD combines a high capacity hard drive and 8GB of solid-state MLC flash to add SSD like performance to any desktop.
    8GB is a pittance these days. I'm sure I have temp files and the like that are unnecessary clogging it up, but my Windows folder for my Windows 7 Professional installation clocks in at 24GB alone. While the SSHD/hybrid drive would be intelligent enough not to need to load all of a Windows install onto the SSD portion of the drive, and therefore the 8GB may be enough to boost your OS/boot speeds to near-SSD levels for the most part, the overall storage capacity for the SSD is much too minuscule to make much of a difference in this case. The small capacity issues are only exacerbated when you get into the notion of frequent games you may want to be faster and the like. Can you really trust the automated system to figure out a way to optimally distribute 25GB Windows installations and 25+GB WoW installations, let alone any other frequent software, into a tiny 8GB space? I'd be highly skeptical.

    As Doug said, if at all possible I'd highly recommend going the standard route and getting two separate drives; at least until the SSHD options become more popular and/or the market demands a more reasonable distribution between HD and SSD space on said drives. I picked up a Samsung 830 128GB SSD when I built my machine and it's been wonderful. I believe the Samsung 840 is the current set in that series but an appropriate sized SSD and a standard HDD to match will serve you well imo.
  3. Shaylana's Avatar
    Oh I never responded to this... yeah, I have a 250GB SSD, and a 2TB 7200 RPM SATA... I was just thinking about more storage and speed for some of the editing projects.

    But I do appreciate the info!


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