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  1. Buffs so Far to Elemental Shaman

    Total since Pre-Patch:

    Elemental Blast damage increased 30%.
    Lava Burst up 45%, with an additional chance to 'crit' for an extra multistrike hit.
    Chain Lightning's damage has been increased 30%.
    Lightning Bolt increased 10%.
    Earthquake won't knockdown more than once per cast, but it won't DR other stuns.

    Well, looks like all that fear from the Beta forums talking about how bad elemental damage was true after all. I think it's just hard for ...
  2. SERIOUSLY???????????

    Tell me this is a joke:



    • Earthquake's visuals are no longer visible for friendly players.
    • Shamanism now increases Lightning Bolt's damage by 70% (up from 36%).

    • Fire Nova now has a maximum of 7 novas that can be triggered if more than 7 targets are affected
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  3. Some Ele Tuning.

    And with the squish changing how numbers are perceived in general, most of you probably had no clue that you were a little overpowered, and that's fine.
    Current notes:

    • Elemental Blast’s damage has been increased by 20%.
    • Shamanism now increase Lightning Bolt damage by 70% (up from 36%).


    Yup yup, we'll probably see more buffs as time goes on.

    But letsee... Lightning bolt does ~2874, so a 34% increase ...
  4. Since Kull and I were talking about it...

    ...I'm still not in Beta, so I have to just watch for videos and keep up on the forums for Ele Sham. Someone had asked what they were like, so I posted the quoted sections below in the WoW Forums. There's really three prominent players/theorycrafters: Gistwiki, Binklestein and Tickletotem. Gistwiki responded to my post. It's an interesting read about the State of Elemental Shamans.

    To explain a bit further, only Haste and Multistrike are our go to stats. It's similar to the way ...

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  5. I love funny quotes

    Thalia from sentinels on Boomkins: Between Travel Form Roulette, my Casper-style Glyph of Stars Astral Form, and the Pong-style eclipse bar... I feel like a Vegas act gone wrong.

    I just want a whole Boomkin Vegas Showgirl Transmog. Long live Queen Ironflap!
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