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  1. SERIOUSLY???????????

    Tell me this is a joke:



    • Earthquake's visuals are no longer visible for friendly players.
    • Shamanism now increases Lightning Bolt's damage by 70% (up from 36%).

    • Fire Nova now has a maximum of 7 novas that can be triggered if more than 7 targets are affected
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  2. Some Ele Tuning.

    And with the squish changing how numbers are perceived in general, most of you probably had no clue that you were a little overpowered, and that's fine.
    Current notes:

    • Elemental Blast’s damage has been increased by 20%.
    • Shamanism now increase Lightning Bolt damage by 70% (up from 36%).


    Yup yup, we'll probably see more buffs as time goes on.

    But letsee... Lightning bolt does ~2874, so a 34% increase ...
  3. Since Kull and I were talking about it...

    ...I'm still not in Beta, so I have to just watch for videos and keep up on the forums for Ele Sham. Someone had asked what they were like, so I posted the quoted sections below in the WoW Forums. There's really three prominent players/theorycrafters: Gistwiki, Binklestein and Tickletotem. Gistwiki responded to my post. It's an interesting read about the State of Elemental Shamans.

    To explain a bit further, only Haste and Multistrike are our go to stats. It's similar to the way ...

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  4. I love funny quotes

    Thalia from sentinels on Boomkins: Between Travel Form Roulette, my Casper-style Glyph of Stars Astral Form, and the Pong-style eclipse bar... I feel like a Vegas act gone wrong.

    I just want a whole Boomkin Vegas Showgirl Transmog. Long live Queen Ironflap!
  5. So Silly I have to try it!

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